Band Photos
Band Photos
Pee Wee Watson 1983
Michael Gardner 1982
Michael Gardner 1983
Picture taken at the Switch in Raleigh
North Carolina
Kenny Soule 1981 Playing at the Dorton Arena
(photo by Chris Seward)
PeeWee Watson, Mike Gardner, Kenny Soule
Picture was taken in 1981 before they played
their first gig together.
(photo by B.A. Hinton)
PeeWee, Kenny and Michael
(Photo by Chris Seward)
Pee Wee Watson 1981
gig w/ Doc Holliday out in
Zebulon NC
Michael Gardner 84-85
Michael Gardner 1983
"Noon to Moon Jam"
Kenny Soule 1981
Kenny Soule   
NCSU All Campus Jam, 1983
Michael Gardner 84-85
Pee Wee and Kenny 1981
gig w/ Doc Holliday out in
Zebulon NC
1985 Rock Erotica Album signing at local record store.
Michael Gardner 1985
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First PKM Gig.. Mike said it was so cold.  In
this picture is Left to right.. David Clemmer,
Mike Gardner and PeeWee Watson