The 2013 Benefit for
Michael Gardner
and Parkinson's Disease
Gardners of Soule song.
From: Buddy Hudpeth                                      Received March 28th, 2010

Mike and I have been friends for over 40 years..we worked together in a band
called Grand central..without Mike our band never would have accomplished what
we did at such a young age...even then Mike was an unselfish person who would
help any young guitar players get their licks right..Mike has always been about
the music and giving. I only wish you knew Mike like I would be so this guy, He is my Brother. I'd do anything for him that I could
possibly do.
From: Chopper Kovach                                      Received March 29th, 2010

Mike is the friend, the musician and the jokester.  If you are lucky, you will have
someone like Mike in your life at one time or another.  You are the best, Mike.  We
are all here for you.
From: Dave the Rave Adams                 Received March 30th, 2010

Love  "Fall From Grace" and we're gonna rock with our c***s out on the
Looking forward to the show and seeing you
again Michael. Keep the faith and stay Fryed.
Unkle Jonathan
From: Eddie Mole Hebert                    Received March 30th,2010

Hello old friend. can't wait to see you and work with you again at
the benefit in June. It has been way to long. I still have many fond
memories Of mixing sound for PKM and the good old days when
you me and Mike Fritay were roomates on Bickett St in Raleigh. I
also still remember when the motor in my car blew up and you
loaned me your car for several weeks. See you soon
From: Edwina Gardner Rains                     Received April 1st, 2010

My dear Michael,
I am so sorry to hear about this horrible disease that has come into your
life.  I had no idea till Beki emailed me a couple of weeks ago.  I had no
idea of your successes either and your love of the guitar.  I hope we can
make it to the benefit.  I will surely try to help you with this.  I'm so sorry
that it has been so long since I have seen you......can't even remember
the last time.  It's sad how we get so wrapped up in our own little worlds.  
I am saying some prayers for you and wishing you well.  I love you
cousin and hope to see you at the benefit.  Love, Edwina
From: John"Joker"Wetmore                    Received April 1st, 2010

Mike,I've known you along time.When you walk in a room somehow it
seems to light up from your smile.The energy you have when you
perform seems to be with you all the time.You have been blessed to
love what you do,and do what you love.I wish you the best of luck with
everything.I look forward to seeing you June 6th.
From: Pat Carraway                                     Received April 6th, 2010

Greetings cuz.... just a note of encouragement and hope.  All things are
possible with God.. I'm spreading the word among family... see you in
June if not before... Pat
From: Jena Wood                                     Received April 6th, 2010

Hello old friend, you're in my thoughts & prayers.  Can't wait to see you
all again!
From: Robert Kearns                               Received April 7th, 2010

Hymettus Court in Raleigh, gaining invaluable experience all the while. I
Hymettus Court in Raleigh, gaining invaluable experience all the while. I
also had the privilege of meeting Kenny Soule and Phil Gardner there.
They let me play bass on a few tracks they had, that led to more and
more recording till eventually, I was a member of Gardners of Soule.
Can you believe it? I was a punk kid hanging around and they let me in
the band, WOW!!!!
the band, WOW!!!!

I could go on and on with stories about all the great times we had.
There is no way I could've made a career out of playing music without
Mike Gardner, plain and simple. I know this is getting long so I'll end it
like I started it. I LOVE Mike Gardner!
From: Randy Gardner                                 Received April 7th, 2010

Hey cuz'. In the inimitable words of Mr. Chester Burton Atkins "I'll be
there, don't you know"? Reind me to tell you my Chet story and a story
about a man I met at Merlefest from New Hope who knew about "The
Guitar". Take care.
Cousin Randy
From: Eddie Howard                                Received April 7th,2010

Wow those Grand Central/Fresh days were a lot of fun memories.
Panic is still a great record today. Many hours you and I would sit and
run scales/harmonics together. One of the greatest players I ever
worked around! Remind me to tell you about recording Hank Garland
when we get together. Love you, see you there
From: Jeff Shinn                                      Received Arpril 7th,2010

I've been admiring Mike's talent since the '70s, when Flannigan's in
Charlotte was like a "second home" to us. Mike was playing there
frequently with his band, and I was there watching and  listening, and
he'd be there to support me when I was seems like we
sort of rotated being the house band there for awhile.LOL Mike was
like a big brother to me as well during the times I spent in Raleigh in
the late '80s. Those were some special times and I always learned
from him, and we had many laughs together. Mike's generosity is well
known to those of us who've had the pleasure of knowing him.
Thanks for being a friend to me Mike...I love ya bro'!
Would you like to write on "The Wall?"
It's easy, just click
From; Brian Wheeling                          Received April 11th, 2010

Though our time playing together was short lived, and I can't
remember much of the music now, I clearly remember this. You were
always kind and considerate, reasonable and thoughtful of those
around you. But, I can't recall one single instance of you ever being
angry. I'm sure these qualities will serve you well as you deal with
this thoughtless intrusion in your life. Keep doing what you do best.
Love and godspeed.
From: PeeWee Watson                        Received April 13th, 2010

Let me tell you about Michael Gardner.
I was playing in Charlotte with a really good R&B/Funk band when a
couple of us decided to go to another club down the street on a
break. A great band was playing. Good bass player, drummer, keys,
vocals. But what (or who) captured my attention was this really
handsome, AWESOME guitar player with the brilliant smile.Then
they did a song called "This Morning". Knew we would, and should
play together someday.
It came to pass with my other "Brother from another Mother" and I
thank my lucky stars.
I love him to death. You should too.
From: Key Wendell                            Received April 14th, 2010
My old friend Jim Sheppard told me about your benefit....I'll be
Even though I work in the Medical Field, we detach ourself from
the patient....until the patient is an old friend, then it hits home...."it
don't take much, to keep me happy"...Good friends, good
times....look forward to seeing you again !
Goldsboro, NC
From: Bad Ass Chad Hough             Received April 15th, 2010

Honored to be a part of this wonderful evening!  Mike, you have
been and continue to be an inspiration to me in so many ways!  
See you soon my friend...we gonna rock the s#$% out of that
From: Jimmy Mahoney                Received  April 21st, 2010

Thanks for the friendship, love, mentoring, and brilliance.  Only
you could bring four local musicians together from three separate
bands and, in one day, have a song like Fall From Grace enter
the world.  Truly magical bro.  Can't wait to grace the stage with
you again...we're gonna put the throttle down on the 6th!
From: Tom Pasour                         Received April 21st,2010

It was in th mid-70's and my band buddies & I from Dallas, NC
heard about this really great local area band "Fresh" and later
Gastonia.  We went to check them out and were stunned, excited
and inspired by how great these bands were and we were
particularly impressed by Mike Gardner's guitar ability, style,
sound and stage presence.  He was a "Star"!  We all became
regular fans, I started taping the shows, and we even started
playing some of the cool songs they played by Return To
Forever and others.  At the meet and greets after the shows I It
was in th mid-70's and my band buddies & I from Dallas, NC
would say when parting and I appreciated his helpful guitarist
advice like how I could plug in a master volume control module
advice like how I could plug in a master volume control module
into the back of my ampeg V-4 amp to get natural preamp into
the back of my ampeg V-4 amp to get natural preamp distortion
without having it extremely loud or having to use a fuzztone.  
Following that tip greatly improved my guitar so!
und.  Mike, I've been out of your loop since those days but
thanks to a friend's email I'm back in and I'm with you in faith and
supportive spirit.  My left hand's been trembling now for awhile so
once again I'm inspired by you to go and get it checked out.  
You've blessed us so much Mike so..."thank you, God bless, and
take care."
From: Rebecca Gardner              Received April 21st,  2010

Love You, Brother. You've always been one of my Angels.
Thank You for being my 'near twin.' XOXOXOXOX
Kenny Soule
Chris Keaton
Phillip, Michael, Rebecca and
Dennis Gardner
Chad Hough, Michael Gardner and
Jordan Andrew
From: Van Alston                            Received April 22nd,2010

I ran into PeeWee the other day and he told me about the
Parkinson's.  Tough break, my friend.  I'm back from Honduras
and living in Raleigh again, so give me a call if you want to hang
out sometime.
From: Candy Thomas                      Received April 24th,2010

Dear sweet Mike,
My prayers are with you during these difficult days. You are
without a doubt one of the nicest people that have come
through my life. May you and your family find peace and comfort
knowing that many others deeply care about you. Planning to
be at your benefit and would love to say 'hello' and give you a
hug. . . I know that it will be a big day for you, though, so just
know that I'll be there enjoying it so much, just like the old Fresh
days! May God send a miracle blessing your way.
Dave Clemmer
From: Jill Gardner                         Received April 24th, 2010

Michael, You are the man that I have waited for all of my life.
Your kind, generous, understanding, and the most loving and
caring man I have ever met.
I remember when we first met and you would say; " I'm the  
luckiest man you'll ever meet. I'm going, Come go with me."
So I did. A decision I have never regretted.
We will get through this. In time a cure will come and I will do
what ever it takes to make sure you're first in line.
I’m so in love with you honey. We will overcome. Your loving
wife always..Jill
From: John West                          Received April 24th,2010

Mike, It's been quite a few yrs. now since I've seen you and
been in the area. I heard just within the last week of your
misfortune, my friend. I was so happy to hear that you're still
playing on, Mike even through it all.
unfortunately, I won't be able to make it down from Philly for the
benefit, but I wanted you to know, I'll be keeping an eye out
and an ear open for news and now that I'm in touch with my
"southern connection" I'll be able to. You have my prayers,
Mike, from a brother musician to another.
Happiness to Jill and the family
Sincerely, John W
From: Vincent Barnes                  Received April 24th,2010

I have always been a big fan of Mike and PKM and they were
always kind to me, but I have never been prouder to know Mike
as now. He is quiet a man. I hope my plans to help are
successful and that I too can be at the benefit. Thanks Mike for
your words of inspiration.
Rebecca Grissom Surrett           Received April 24th, 2010

Great to see you Mike! We'll be seeing you real soon. Take
care! Becky and Stepanie

Mike, It's been quite a few yrs. now since I've seen you and
been in the area. I heard just within the last week of your
misfortune, my friend. I was so happy to hear that you're still
playing on, Mike even through it all.
unfortunately, I won't be able to make it down from Philly for the
benefit, but I wanted you to know, I'll be keeping an eye out and
an ear open for news and now that I'm in touch with my
"southern connection" I'll be able to. You have my prayers,
Mike, from a brother musician to another.
Happiness to Jill and the family
John West
From: Timothy W Bullock          Received April 24th, 2010

Rock on Mike, you are an inspiration, me and my crew will be
there to cheer you on
Timothy W Bullock
From: Robin Deffenbaugh       Received April 24th, 2010

Thank you Jill and Mike for that! Jill i look forward to meeting
you and Mike I can't wait to see you and I know you are going
to make a difference. See ya soon!Robin
From: Steve Arthurs                     Received April 24th, 2010

Jill/ Mike: I'll be there on June 6th, and bringing others
with me. Mike, I really do believe that things will get
better for you. You are in my prayers. Thanks for rocking
me silly all these years. I know there will lots more rockin'
for you!!
Steve Arthurs
From: Mary Tice                          Received April 25th,2010

I wish you well and admire your attitude.
I am Rusty Crocker's mother.
I love your music....
Rusty says he is very lucky to call you and Jill friends.
Rusty, Mike, Chris and Todd
Our house 2009
From: Maurice Mangum              Received April 25th,2010
Video Response
Hey Mike. I'm not sure if you remember me or not. It's been a
pretty long time since I lived in Raleigh. But I grew up there
playing in bands that played with you guys for years. Paris
Red, Autumn, etc, with Dave Rose, Needham Park, Wynn Britt,
Bobby Stansburry, Donnie Sasser, and the list goes on man.
You ARE certainly a staple in my songwriting pad brother.
and we'd all head for the reherasal room, W I D E OPEN!

Haha... it was the best feeling crankin' up, " Don't Take Much",
then waiting for the perect moment when "Elanor Rigby" would
come on and just freak us out. Your version of that song is BY
FAR the best i've heard to date. Slowing it down was a SICK
idea. Excellent man.
I just learned of your condition about 10 minutes ago from
Chris Jones' FB post on your video.
My thoughts & prayers are with you brother. ... See More
Just know man that you were etched permanently into MANY,
MANY minds, including mine, a long time ago as a rock guitar
hero. I think that we all set out to see that come to fruition one are there my man.
I just found where I can get PKM ringtones, so i'm gonna slam
your version of Elanor Rigby on my cell now.
I'm in Tallahassee, Florida now, but i'd love to be included on
any future concerts/events that you're a part of in the future.
I'll travel anywhere to be a part of it.
God bless you & your family man and I hope this little trip
down memory lane gives you inspiration and so much hope
that ya can't stop smiling today!

: )
Maurice Mangum
From: Dave Britt                            Received April 25, 2010

Although the time I spent playing with Michael was less than a
year, in that time I grew to know a generous and kind person
who created a spirit of calm in a sometimes contentious (and
creative) atmosphere. It was a pleasure being in his company.
to be an inspiration to those around him.
From: Amy Newton                   Received April 30th, 2010

that are coming as well.  Look forward to seeing you!!!  that
are coming as well.  Look forward to seeing you!!!  Please let
us know if you need anything beforehand!  Love and God
bless!!!and God bless!!!
From: Joe Yanulevich             Received April 30th, 2010

What can I possibly say about Mike Gardner and a 3 piece
band called PKM except they sounded live like they had
several more insturments playing due in part to Mikes guitar
sounds.Mike you are truely one of the most soulful players
there ever was my brother. Have you ever thought about a
solo cd called it's only Mike?

Mike helped me out remixing a master tape of a band I was
managing out of Nashville and the result got the band alot of
airplay in europe.My thoughts and prayers are with you
From: Todd Washburn               Received April 30th,2010

I worked with musicians since the 70s who played in bands
with Mike (FRESH, WIDE OPEN, HIGH & MIGHTY). Always
heard good things about you Mike, still do. I remember
hanging out at gigs years ago...super guy with loads of
talent. With your strength and energy, you'll kick this.
From: JD Moseley                    Received April 30th,2010

Mike - here's to sending positive mojo in your direction.
PKM and the Switch are still some kick ass memories from
back in the day. We had a blast closing down the bar and
heading to the after parties on Rush and finally your digs
off of Wade. Good times opening for ya'll at Roadies!(at
least what I can remember) What a small world where 20+
years later and your connection to Runaway Cab and Chad
would have our paths crossing once again. Can't wait to
see the gang and rock out! You are truly one of the nicest
peep's I've come across. See ya' in June.(maybe before
since Chad will be in Wilmington soon)
From: Al Forbes                      Received May 4th,2010

Hey Mike: It's been a long time, and I've thought about you
often. I remember you most from the early PKM days as
having the best guitar tone I had ever heard. You were
playing through some little tweed amp, I believe it was
someone's modification of a tweed Fender from the 50's. A
lot of guitarists spend a lifetime looking for that sound, and
you had it way back then. I will be unable to attend the
benefit due to my work schedule (I still do the Charlotte
Symphony Pops), but I will keep you in my thoughts and
prayers. And thanks for including that picture of Rooster
on the site. That brought a tear to my eyes. Buddy Bost
says hello, too! Much love and peace! Al
From: Vince Barnes                  Received May 5th, 2010

Having known Mike for many years, I have known him not
only as a highly energetic, powerful musician and
songwriter, but also as one of the finest human beings I
have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  His writing skills
are well documented as is his overall performance
attributes.  But for those of you who have not had the
pleasure of just talking to him, I can stand in testiment that
he is unpretentious and well grounded.  He loves his fans
and they in turn love him back.  I'm sure this benefit
concert will be a resounding success, Why? Because good
people take care of good people when they are in need.  
Knowing how truly good Mike is leaves little doubt in my
mind that the outpouring of support will will only be
surpassed by Mike's gratitude and humility.  If you have
the opportunity to speak with Mike at the gig, take
advantage of the opportunity to enter into a conversation
with one of the truly "good guys" in a business sometimes
populated with less than sav!
ory characters. You will never forget it, and come to learn
what a special person he is. His wife Jill is also a very fine
person as well, so say hi to her too.  I am hoping against
hope I can attend the benefit, but being a disabled single
parent, I have to watch my money carefully.  So I may only
be there in spirit, but my heart will be there.  PLEASE
reward you.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

From: Duke Simmons           Received May 5th, 2010

I've known Mike for fourty years, manthey go by fast.I
played with him in Fresh & Wide Open. We spend many
great years together. He was the first person besides my
dad to teach me that there is not only a physical life but a
spiritual one, and he has always shown his great spirt
and huge amount of giving to everyone he comes in
contact with. You are always met with that Mike Gardner
smile. It's classic. Mike I know You'll Beat this.
See you at the benefit.
Love you man,
From: Ken Patterson             Received May 5th, 2010

Mike is one of those special guitarist that could make
rare music, especially with Pewee and Kenny.

I wish you well Mike and I have great memories of you
from my days in Charlotte in the 70's and early 80's.
Take care and have faith.
From: Judy Gardner Goodman        May, 12th,2010

I hope to be at the concert!  Hope to see you there and
speak to you!!  Daddy would be so proud to see all the
accomplishments you have achieved in the music field!  
You know he loved all his nephews and nieces and
greatly enjoyed playing music with them!!  Take good
care and I hope to give you a hug on June 6!  Love ya,
From: Patsy Gardner                         May, 12th, 2010

Hey Mike, I am looking forward to seeing you at the
benefit and getting a long, overdue hug.  Cousin Patsy
From: Pam Partin                             May, 12th, 2010

Hello Cuz-  Long time- but hope to see you on the 6th.  
Willie, and Derek are psyched about the benefit, so we
hope to come.   You hang in there and we will pray for
the best of outcomes. Luv ya, Pam Carraway Partin
From: Scottie Thomas                   May 16th, 2010

We played in 3 different bands together; Fresh, Wide
Open, and High and Mighty. He is my brother in music
and in spirit. Even though we haven't talked much over
the past years, I think of you often. If you are luckly
enough in life you may meet one or two people that
influence the rest of your life. To me Mike is one of
those people. Mike and I talked not long ago about his
disease and if you know Mike at all, you know how he
handles it. To give you an example, during our
conversation, Mike mentioned he was working on a
new vibrato on his guitar. Knowing how much I liked his
old vibrato I had to ask why. He replied "No, you don't
understand. This one's unintentional." That's the don't
understand. This one's unintentional." That's the kind
of attitude, humor,and 'looking the disease square in
the face' that he has. Mike is and will always be a great
friend! Just to let y!

You know, I will support you in any way that I can. If you
need anything, let me know. I'll try to make the benefit,
but I can't promise. But if not I will at least buy a ticket. I
know you'll beat this thing. Best of luck! I'm praying for
you! Scottie
From: Kyle Garris                           May 17th, 2010

Mikey G… where do I start?  I am so fortunate in that
I get to make music with Mike Gardner every week.  
He’ll make you a better player… but more
importantly, he’ll make you a better person.  Inside
and out, Mike Gardner is truly a great man.  I am
looking forward to the June 6 show…  Take care.
Mark Dickens                              May 17th, 2010

all ways  kind and never has met a stranger.
Everyone  needs a friend like Mike in there life.
Everyone  needs a friend like Mike in there life.
Thank you Mike for being our friend.  Mark and
JulieThank you Mike for being our friend.  Mark and
From: Suzi Hoffleit                     May 15th, 2010

Thank you for the music, I saw you at the mad monk.
Can't wait till 6-6-10.
PeeWee Watson PKM Bass/Vocals
Photographed by: Chris Seward
PeeWee Watson, Kenny Soule and
Michael Gardner...PKM
Mike and Hannah Gardner
From: Mike Pitts                           May 22nd, 2010    
There really aren't words in any language that can
express the thanks and esteem I have for such a
sorry sack!!!
Mike was the first "Raleigh Rock God" that took a
shine to a geeky kid from the mountains. Whether we
were discussing the never ending chase for the guitar
"tone with the taste for food" or the ultimate axe
(which gets closer & further away at the same time),
Mike has that amazing sense and enthusiasm that
can only be described as pure. That may be the
perfect word for Mike. Pure.
Peace be with you, my brother.
See you on the 6th.
From: Gil-Ann Wilder               May 26th,  2010

and I am so sorry about what you are going
through right now.  I am sure all is going to work
out great no matter what so keep your FAITH!!!
You have so many fans (one being me) and folks
that love you!!!!!!  Look forward to your benefit
concert. The PKM, Nantucket, Sidewinder Days at
"The Switch" bring back some of the best mems.
of my life.  God bless and see y'all soon. You and
your family are in my PRAYERS!
Mike and his Father Guy Gardner
Mike with his twin girls
Rebecca and Jamie
From: David Wuester               May 27th, 2010

In '81 I was 21 & used to go see PKM every
chance I got & the only place I'd get was right at
the lip of the stage (best blast zone area)!
Although we never did get to meet I was such a
regular that you would recognize me when I'd First
& foremost Phillipians 4:13! Second, thank show
up & nod your head in approval. I still have all of
the picks that I accumulated from you & Pee Wee.
Back then I was just starting to play guitar & really
enjoyed watching people jam with the intensity
levels that ya'll emitted. Playing guitar is a
wonderful part of my life that is a never ending
teacher. From learning 1-4-5 blues in the
beginning to Zeppelin's "Rain Song" in a
D-G-C-G-C-D tuning, I want to again thank you for
being one of those inspirations in my life to learn
more about our beloved instrument. God Bless
you & Jill & you are in my prayers for a cure. Your
brother in fretville , David.
From; Will Partin                        May 27th, 2010

attending my wifes family reunion and look over
and there is Mike. Never put connection together
until that day. Introduced my two boys to PKM CD
& yes I still have two tapes that still work. Can not
wait for my sons to see them perform live June 6th.
Raleigh will be a "Hot Town Tonight."Raleigh will be
a "Hot Town Tonight."
From: Mark Grossmann       May 28th, 2010

Hey,Mike! Looking forward to working with you
Sunday. It's gonna be a major blast from the past.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you,always.
From: "Joker" John Wetmore  May 29th,2010

Hey Mike you got that Dollar you owe me?LOL
just "joking"see ya tomorrow bro.I'm gonna put
the Lights on ya.Nothing like June 6th is going to
be.I'm really going to put the lights on ya in
Raleigh!Thanks for all the music over the
years,the memories,and all the new ones yet to
be made!Your the best Man!
From: Angie Smathers             May 29th,2010

I haven't know Mike very long but he is just one
of those people that when you meet them they
make an impression on you that lasts forever.
He has an amazing attitude and such a great
outlook on life and his positivity is absolutely
catchy! I feel very blessed to know him and his
lovely wife Jill. It is wonderful to see a person
who views life with Parkinson's and doesn't allow
this disease to define who he is. There will be a
cure and we can all work together to help pave
the way. And in the meantime - keep making
great music. It's medicine for the soul and helps
make everything seem brighter.
From: Angela Roth              May, 30th, 2010

family.  i can personally relate because my
father had parkinson's for over 20 yrs & has
now passed.  the disease itself does not kill you
but what people do not realize is that is effects
the muscles & just think of what all muscles we
my prayers & thoughts go out for you & your
have:  our throats for eating, talking &
swallowing,  our ability to walk & use our arms,  
the bladder is  muscle controlled & the ability to
have bowel movements.  sorry to be so graphic
but your story saddens me due to my father,
but secondly because my boyfriend is a guitar
player & i cannot imagine his world being
affected by this disease.  Good luck & i will
check on the news  & hopefully the drs & meds
can keep this somewhat controllable.    god
From: Vince Barnes                May 31st, 2010

I have always loved your strong my friend as I
know you will.  If there is anything I can do, all
you have to do is ask.  I will be praying for you
and your family.  Keep Rockin!
From: "Joker"John Wetmore   May31st 2010

June 6th is Gettin' Closer Now Bro!Enjoyed
Working With You This Past Saturday.See Ya
Sunday If Not Before.You are an Inspiration to
us all!
From: David Floyd                      May 31st 2010

kindest regards Michael. Hope to see you at the
From: Mule                                May 31st, 2010

I have had the pleasure to work with Mike,and he
is truly one of the best..
From: Bill Pate                            June 1st, 2010

Mike and I have been brothers before we can
remember..See you at the party..Bill
FROM: JOKERS STAGE LIGHTING                               Recieved May 10th, 2012
From: Jokers Stage Lighting                                        Recieved May 10th, 2012
From: Bonnie Dye Hardin                                             Recieved April 30th, 2012
Looking forward to supporting this years benefit. Just moved back to NC.  
Enjoyed your music back in the day with Donna Hinson and crew @the
Switch...will look for info.  God bless ya.
The 2nd annual foundation is quickly arriving. May 20th, 2012 to be
exact. This years venue will be filled with professional musicians,
like every year, that donate their time and expertise to help us raise
money for the foundation. Come out and show your support and
help us raise funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the
Michael Gardner Foundation for musicians with Parkinson's
Disease. Tickets can be purchased at or at
the door. Come out and lets have a great time!
From: Jeannie Dixon Keel                                                     May 15th, 2012

My prayers are with you during this journey.  Lean on the Lord, He will give you